The Danger Of A Side Hustle You Love

A side hustle is more flexible than our traditional 9-5’s. You may only do your 9-5 because it pays the bills but a side hustle can be a labor of love.

If you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life. In my case I loved what I was doing on the side so much it wasn’t working. I mean that in a monetary sense.

Side hustles are a great way to bring in side income and the majority of them require some inside knowledge. One of my first side hustles was flipping sneakers. The problem with this is I love sneakers! Continue reading

Is Salary Holding You Hostage?

A high paying salary is a goal for many people. It’s the mark of a successful career path and high marks on life’s scoreboard. The higher the salary the higher score.

Except when it isn’t.

For most people their entire life is built around their salary. How much you can spend, save, and blow on your favorite hobby is all dependent on what you are bringing in. This number controls more aspects of your life than almost any other contributing factor. “How much can I afford?” is the first question most people ask themselves when making a purchase.

But is your salary really your friend? Is the thing you have strived so long for and made sacrifices to obtain holding you back? Continue reading

February Fail Blog!

“Oh, you’ve never failed in your life”


A former boss of mine once made this comment to me and it made me think about how often we believe this about successful people. I don’t consider myself that successful. I could be better, I could be worse. Pretty much the same as everyone else, right?

I realized that this perception of those we view as successful permeates most people I know. We look at those who have made it to where we want to be and we validate their success as a lack of failure.

Our most successful people disprove this belief at every turn but we somehow always ignore this fact.

I want to make anyone who reads this comfortable with failure. I want failure to be something you experience fairly frequently. I want you to see that failures are not the universe telling you you’re making a mistake. We all fail, it’s what we do after that failure that separates the successful from those who never break through.

This blog is about personal finance and entrepreneurship; two areas absolutely littered with failure before success. Everyone has failures along their personal finance journey and every entrepreneur has failures with their business ideas. To truly continue being successful at these endeavors we must face this fact.

To that end I want to lay out some of my failures for the month of February and invite everyone to share some of theirs as well!




  1. This post! I had planned to post this on February 28th but failed hard at that goal.
  2. I failed to negotiate my first sponsored post! The marketer didn’t want me to let my readers know that I was being compensated for that post. I am not comfortable passing off someone else’s work as if I organically thought to share or post it. I will never have anything on this site that I outright agree with even if paid. However, if I believe it adds value to the readers I will share it and let you know I was paid to do so.
  3. I failed to resist the call of new running shoes. The Nike Epic React, was a brand new running sneaker with a new cushioning system and I am forcing myself to start running again. I already have a thing for sneakers so this was a perfect storm. Hopefully the guilt will make me continue to use them!
  4. I failed to clear out the warehouse space I am leasing for my Amazon business. This space is costing me a pretty penny and any profits I will make off of the merchandise contained there will start off with a large deficit.
  5. I failed to contribute to my Roth IRA. This is already on track to recover for March but time lost is time lost.
  6. I failed to study for my PMP certification daily! Here’s hoping I can cram before they change the test!


That’s all for this edition of my failures but don’t worry I will fail harder and larger as the months go on!


Please feel free to share your failures under this post or send them directly to me for free motivation! No brow beating required.


Frugality is Stupid

Being frugal is held as a hallmark of fiscal responsibility. Everyone thinks that seeking ways to save money makes you inherently good with money.

Those people are wrong and frugality is most often stupid.

Being frugal is the equivalent of someone shopping sales and thinking they’re saving a ton of money.


All you did was spend money. Sure, the money you spent is less than what you would have spent on those items regularly but since when has spending money made you financially savvy?


Continue reading