How I went from $0 to $30k In Sales In 120 Days

I read something that seemed too good to be true. The description of this side hustle just seemed too simple and lucrative to work. There was no way that it could make money!

While I pride myself on my optimistic skepticism it can lead to me turning a blind eye to things. In a world full of MLMs this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Caution can keep us from making mistakes.

It can also lead to us missing opportunities. Luckily for me this particular opportunity had a longer shelf life than most.

This isn’t some one hit wonder either. I have done this two years in a row! I may be stepping on my own toes by sharing this but I want others to prosper in the same way I did.

Hopefully, by the end of this article I’ll have more competitors. The income stream is big enough for all of us to drink from!

The Beginning

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