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30 and 0.

For the fight fans among you this may seem like an impressive record. The record of a champion. The footnote of a conquering hero’s career rife with awards, fanfare and the adulation of women and men alike.

I believe this situation qualifies for what they call a double entendre.

I won’t insult your intelligence this early in our relationship and explain what a double entendre is. Mostly, because I’m sure I’m using it wrong in an attempt to impress you. I’ve heard Jay-Z use it so maybe check with him. That said I will explain myself.

In this instance 30 and 0 speaks to a sudden realization of how poor some of the choices you have made really turned out to be. In this case 30 and 0 means I arrived at the age of 30 with $0 saved.

Goose Egg. Zilch. Zero. Nada.

How did this happen? Wasn’t I supposed to be married with children, a six figure income, and a full head of hair at 30? For those keeping track none of those things panned out. I’m single, balding, and fairly penniless. Come to think of it I think my lack of savings is likely what caused my balding but I digress.

Don’t get me wrong my life is pretty great. I am not writing to add to the whining that the internet has become filled with these days. Rather, I am sharing my situation in the hopes that I can show how you can rebuild your finances or convince someone younger to make better choices.

So How Did I Get Here? 

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