Advantage: You

I find the concept of a Tennis advantage kind of fascinating. In most sports once you’re tied and score you just have whatever the next number is.

Not in the wacky world of tennis. In tennis you gain an advantage over your opponent. Both literally and figuratively.

The good tennis players can block out the advantage and play the game the same as they always have. The best players excel when their back is against the wall. Either way they don’t let the fact that the other player has an advantage force them to quit.

Why do we treat advantages so different in personal finance stories?

Every time I read a personal finance success story the comments section is filled with people attacking the advantages that person had. They use this to brush the story aside.

“Look at the advantages this person had. Some of us don’t have that opportunity! Must be nice…”

The story has now become worthless to them and they proceed to live their un-advantaged life.

Except that everyone has some advantage.

Even the most skeptical and downtrodden among us has some advantage.


March Fail Blog!

“I’m so scared of failure”

I have heard people say this a million times over. Usually when we are talking about goals or dreams and I ask them why they haven’t pursued something yet.

I always say the fear of failure has crushed more dreams than real failure could ever hope to. If you are afraid to start then your chance of success is exactly 0%. Success only exists due to the possibility of failure! We must not let this fear deter us from starting.

This is true for personal finance, entrepreneurial goals, or any other task in life. Failure will happen on some level, I guarantee it. I can’t tell you when it will happen or what shape it will take. Only that it will happen.

Failure is a useful tool to show you where the weaknesses in your plan(s) were. It’s only permanent if you stop after you reach that failure.

This is the second month of me sharing my monthly failures and this time I brought backup!

I’ll share some of my failures from this month and then some failures from other bloggers around the web.

You aren’t the only one failing. We all are.

What will you do after that failure?

March’s Failures

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The Drawer Under My Seat

A common excuse given for not donating money to charity is the same as not investing.

“I don’t make enough” Random Wrong Person

We have so many goals for our money we insist requires us to make more than we currently do. Not I need to make $50k or $70k just …..more.

This ambiguity allows us to continually delay these actions because we are convinced that we won’t be able to make a meaningful impact on our goal. Instead we decide to do nothing.

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It’s Alive! (Your Credit Score That Is)

A credit score is treated like a mythological creature. It seems like everyone has a different origin story or tale about how to conquer the beast.

I always imagine people I overhear talking about credit scores as sitting around a fire. Using the shadows to add dramatic effect as they tell their tall tales of credit scores.

I hear that you have to carry a credit card balance to appease it

I once saw a guy have his credit score hit zero because he applied for a credit card

While both of these are obviously hyperbole there is one prevailing thought that causes people’s finances great harm.


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The Danger Of A Side Hustle You Love

A side hustle is more flexible than our traditional 9-5’s. You may only do your 9-5 because it pays the bills but a side hustle can be a labor of love.

If you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life. In my case I loved what I was doing on the side so much it wasn’t working. I mean that in a monetary sense.

Side hustles are a great way to bring in side income and the majority of them require some inside knowledge. One of my first side hustles was flipping sneakers. The problem with this is I love sneakers! Continue reading